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Holding out for a hero

Heroes Fiction
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Heroes Fanfiction
A community for posting any fiction related to the NBC show "Heroes".

+ This community is for fic. Please do not post asking about show details, asking for a beta, etc. There are other communities specifically for those types of requests. Posts that are not fic, mod-approved community advertisements, or mod posts will be deleted without warning.

+ Feel free to post any kind of fiction in this community - het, slash, femslash, RPS, gen, etc., as long as it contains characters from the show "Heroes" or the actors who portray them. Nothing is too fluffy or too dark - anything goes.

+ Be aware coming in that there may be some pairings/kinks/styles you don't like. That's fine, don't read them.

+ Keep fics behind a cut, real or fake, even drabbles.

+ Posting graphics to accompany your fic is fine, but please be considerate of people's layout restrictions. If it's larger than 300x300, put it behind a cut.

+ Do not make your entry font huge. We understand that you don't want your fic to get lost in the shuffle, but instead of using huge font to grab people's attention, come up with a unique title, summary, etc.

+ When posting a fic, make sure you include an appropriate header. Use the one below if you want, but it's just a guideline. You can include as much information as you want, but you absolutely need to include characters/pairings, rating, warnings, and spoiler alerts. If I see a story posted without appropriate warnings, we'll leave a comment asking you to include it, and if you don't, the post will be deleted.

Sample header:

Title: One Step
Characters/Pairings: Nathan/Isaac
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-graphic sex, some violence
Spoiler alert: Spoilers through the first episode.
Summary: Isaac meets Nathan and immediately recognizes him, even though they've never met.

+ Absolutely no flaming/bashing. Constructive criticism is a writer's best friend, so always feel free to leave some unless the author has specifically requested you don't, but we will not tolerate rude, harassing comments.

+ No promoting other communities without express permission. If you think promoting here will do your community some good, contact one of the mods and we'll probably give the ok. Also, affiliates are welcomed.

+ Check out our tags list to find fics by a specific author, character, pairing, or rating. In addition, you can check our tags faq to get an idea of how we use tags and how you can use them to make finding your fic easier for readers.

Your mods to contact for questions/concerns/suggestions are:
- game_byrd [marybaker at hotmail dot com]
- quarterturn [rockinsteady at gmail dot com]

Your tagging mods are:
- rebelle_elle [kiandra_fire at yahoo dot com]

Affiliates -
unbreakable_fic (Adam/Claire fic)

Disclaimer: This community, its members, and the authors are in no way affiliated with NBC, Heroes, or the actors. The stories posted here are fiction, and no money is made off of them.

Layout courtesy of cartonage, modifications and header by quarterturn.