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Dark Matters: Heroes Reborn webisodes

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Jul. 23rd, 2015 | 04:18 pm
posted by: game_byrd in heroes_fic

Thanks so much to shipsabound on Tumblr for uploading and linking to the webisodes for Dark Matters!

Also, TheAkiten posted it on YouTube here.

Dark Matters is the bridging episodes between the original Heroes series and the new Heroes Reborn. By the way, for those still residing over here on LJ, I would recommend you check out the Tumblr tag 'primatech' or 'heroes reborn'. There's a fairly active community over there with lots of gifs, pics, meta, speculation, and the occasional art.

If anyone reading this knows of any other or more active Heroes communities, clue me in! Clue us all in!

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